Missing teeth can significantly impact your health, comfort, and appearance, but with more realistic and longer-lasting restorative treatment options available, there is no need to live with an incomplete smile. Traditional crowns and bridges have been used to replace missing teeth for decades, but dental implants offer a whole new level of security. A dental implant crown can restore a single missing tooth, whereas an implant-supported bridge can correct the effects of multiple consecutive missing teeth. At 38th Street Dental in Austin, TXDr. Mike Meek and Dr. David Tasch provide complete implant treatment to meet all our patients' needs in one location. Dental implants function much like natural teeth, and boast a reputation as the longest-lasting teeth replacement option available today.

Dental crown and abutment hovering over implant in jawbone
An implant-supported crown can securely replace a single missing tooth.

A Dental Implant Crown or Bridge Can Restore Natural-Looking Beauty to Your Smile

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Single dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth. After the placement of the implant, the healing process begins, in which the jawbone fuses to the titanium surface of the post. This process, called osseointegration, keeps your dental implant secured within the jaw so you are able to eat and chew. Once the healing period is over, a permanent implant-supported crown will be attached to your implant to fill in the gap left behind by your missing tooth.

Dental implant-supported crowns and bridges are nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

An implant-supported bridge can be used to replace multiple consecutive missing teeth. The design is similar to a traditional bridge, but instead of attaching to dental crowns placed over the adjacent natural teeth, the implant-supported bridge is affixed to two or more dental implants. Because an implant-supported bridge eases pressure on the individual implants, the bite is balanced, resulting in greater long-term stability.

Our Patient Results

Before implant-supported bridge
Label (1)
After implant-supported bridge
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This patient received an implant-supported bridge to restore the look and function of teeth along the lower dental arch. 

Benefits Over Traditional Restorations

Dental implants have vastly improved the field of dentistry, giving patients more options than ever before. Whether you are missing one or several teeth, implant-supported restorations offer benefits such as:

  • Natural Aesthetics: Dental implant crowns and bridges are nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth. These restorations are designed to replace the entire tooth from crown to root for a seamless, beautiful appearance.
  • Better Function: Because dental implants fuse to the bone and are permanent, they provide greater stability, which in turn makes it easier to chew and enjoy your favorite foods again.
  • More Self-Confidence: A significant improvement over removable options, such as partial dentures, an implant-supported restoration can restore your self-esteem.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Implant-supported restorations are the most reliable teeth replacement option in dentistry today. Because the crowns and bridges are fabricated from high-quality materials, they retain beauty and function for years to come. When properly cared for, implants can last a lifetime and the restorations typically need to be replaced far less frequently than traditional options.
  • Convenience: These types of crowns and bridges are permanently fixed in place, eliminating the fear of your restoration slipping out of place.
  • Better Oral Health: Because they are constructed out of the highest-grade materials, implant-supported restorations allow easier access for brushing and flossing. Since dental implants do not require altering adjacent teeth, your natural teeth remain uncompromised and healthy. In addition, implants also stimulate healthy bone regeneration.

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If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be the solution for you. At 38th Street Dental, we are here to discuss all the treatment options available to you. To schedule a consultation, call our office at (512) 458-6222, or contact us online

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