38th Street Dental Now Features DENTAL AI X-Rays By Dr. Meek on January 26, 2023

A Look Into AI-Powered X-Rays in Dentistry


Technology is rapidly changing the face of modern dentistry. One technology that is making a big splash in the dental world is artificial intelligence (AI) powered X-rays. AI-powered X-rays are a special type of X-ray that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret the results of your dental x-ray. This technology is helping to revolutionize the dental industry and make it easier for both dentists and patients to get accurate information about their oral health. 

How Does It Work? 

AI-powered X-rays use advanced algorithms to analyze, identify, and diagnose problems within your mouth. By scanning the image of your x-ray, the AI software can detect signs of decay or other issues such as cavities, abscesses, or growths that would otherwise go unnoticed by human eyes. This technology allows dentists to quickly and easily detect problems before they become more serious. 


The Benefits For Patients 

Using AI-powered X-rays has many advantages for both dentists and patients. For patients, this technology means quicker diagnosis times and more accurate results than ever before. With AI, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for results from an outside lab; instead, you can get them almost instantaneously from your dentist’s office. Additionally, because these images are digitized and analyzed with AI software, there is no risk of human error in interpreting them – something that was all too common with traditional X-ray readings. 


Overall, AI-powered X-rays are transforming the way we look at dental care today. Not only do they provide quick and accurate diagnoses but they also help reduce the amount of time spent waiting for results from traditional methods. As this technology continues to improve, it will no doubt become an invaluable tool in helping us take better care of our teeth and gums! If you’re looking for a dentist who offers this cutting edge technology then contact us at 38th Street Dental—you won’t

regret it!


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