Teeth Whitening 2.0-A Better Method from 38th Street Dental By Dr. Meek on June 30, 2022

For some time I have wanted a better delivery system for teeth whitening products.  The traditional “suck down” style of bleaching tray that our industry has provided has always left me feeling like it could be better.  Poor fit of the tray against the gums and lack of space inadequate for holding peroxide bleach against the teeth have made teeth whitening a labor of love for those that want lighter, brighter teeth.


This past spring, we added 3D printing to the practice.  This technology has increased our options for products like teeth whitening tray systems.  Examination of these offerings led us to what I call The Whitening Tray 2.0.


While the old style trays were poorly fitting and leaky with regard to the peroxide gel leaking out, our Whitening Tray 2.0 is custom fabricated with a “post dam” in the trays that seal agains the neck of the teeth and helps prevent the peroxide gel from squishing over the top of the tray and burning the gum tissues.


teeth whitening custom tray

These trays are fabricated in our laboratory space and require a quick intra-oral scan with our digital scanner.  No messy impressions to suffer through.  No mess, just a great 7-10min time with our clinical staff to create the digital data needed to fabricate your trays.  


The intra-oral scan is then uploaded to our lab partner and the custom tray model is designed and transmitted back to us.  The model is printed and trays produced using a positive pressure former to create this remarkable custom whitening tray.

3d model for teeth whitening tray
3D Printed Model of Whitening Tray 2.0


We pair this cool tray system with the Opalescence Whitening products.  15-20% peroxide solutions make for a great way to freshen up the smile.


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