Post Orthodontic Enameloplasty-The Dental Mani Pedi! By Dr. Meek on August 24, 2021



Every now and then I get to work on “fun” little projects around the office.  Well, today was one of those days.  One of my cool and fabulous patients recently completed orthodontics with clear aligner therapy.  She had uneven incisal edges due to parafunctional wear that occurred through all the years of malalignment.  

post orthodontic parafunctional wear of incisors
Post Ortho 


Her request was simple, “what needs to be done to fix my front teeth? Veneers?  Bonding?”  I thought better.  As you will see and agree, this patient’s incisors are beautiful!  Why in the world would we veneer those healthy teeth?  We agreed that the answer was simple.  A little post orthodontic enameloplasty, or as it has become known in our practice, the Dental Mani-Pedi!


We sat down this morning and while my patient supervised my adjustment of her incisors with a mirror, I gently sculpted smile appropriate edges for her new smile. This was the most conservative and in my opinion, sensible way to perfect her outcome.  See if you agree.


enameloplasty of incisors
After Enameloplasty


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