Nitrous Oxide for Dental Anxiety By Mike Meek, DDS on January 22, 2020

Nitrous oxide for sedation dentistryMany people are afraid of going to the dentist or undergoing dental work. Even a regular checkup is enough to cause serious anxiety. According to Web MD, around 9 to 20 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of their anxiety about dental treatment. That’s why the Austin, TX dentists at 38th Street Dental offer sedation dentistry, a way of reducing anxiety for dental patients.

Dr. Mike Meek and Dr. David Tasch would like to discuss the importance of sedation dentistry and then go over the use of nitrous oxide for dental sedation. This common way of helping patients relax may be essential for your dental health and wellness.

Why Sedation Dentistry Is Important

Sedation dentistry refers to various methods available to reduce anxiety while people are undergoing dental treatment. By promoting a more relaxed state, patients in need of major dental work can get much-needed treatment.

There are different kinds of dental sedation out there, and they can achieve different states of relaxation. Nitrous oxide may be a light level of relaxation and sedation, but it’s common for so many dental patients.

How Nitrous Oxide Sedation Works

Nitrous oxide sedation involves patients inhaling safe levels of nitrous oxide during their dental visit. By breathing in nitrous oxide, patients are able to achieve a good state of relaxation, allowing them to undergo a dental visit without fear or worry.

You may have heard of nitrous oxide referred to as “laughing gas” in some instance. The gas does not cause you to laugh, but rather reach an anxiety-free and sometimes euphoric state.

Good Candidates for Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Good candidates for nitrous oxide sedation are people who suffer from moderate dental anxiety while at the dentist’s office. This condition means that being at the dentist’s office causes an excessive amount of worry. Thanks to nitrous oxide, that worry is no longer an issue.

During your consultation at our Austin dental care practice, we can discuss nitrous oxide sedation and whether or not it’s ideal for you. It’s important to us that you make the right choice for your dental care needs.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Compare to Other Sedation Options?

Nitrous oxide sedation provides a light level of sedation, which is ideal for most dental procedures, such as routine exams, cleanings, and fillings. Nitrous oxide sedation will not achieve a deeper state of relaxation of other sedation methods, such as oral conscious sedation or IV sedation.

For most advanced dental treatments or more serious issues with dental anxiety, a more advanced form of sedation will be recommended. This can also be discussed as part of the consultation process.

What to Expect During Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation is easy. A small mask is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth. The patient is asked to breath normally until they achieve a state of relaxation. The effects of nitrous oxide are usually felt pretty quickly. The dentist can then perform any necessary work.

What to Expect After a Sedation Dentistry Visit

The effects of nitrous oxide sedation tend to wear off quickly. After dental treatment, a patient may remain at the practice for a few minutes for the nitrous oxide to wear off. Most patients who undergo nitrous oxide sedation are able to drive home or get home just fine on their own.

Contact 38th Street Dental

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