Porcelain Veneers for Small or Misshapen Teeth By Mike Meek, DDS on February 25, 2019

Smiling male mouth has veneer held nearby upper row of teethAccording to a study by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), one-third of adults in the United States are unhappy with the appearance of their smile.

One of the complaints we see among our patients is dissatisfaction with small or misshapen teeth. Drs. Mike Meek and David Tasch offer porcelain veneers as an effective cosmetic treatment for small or misshapen teeth at our Austin, TX office. When properly taken care of, porcelain veneers can last 15 years or more. Learn more about porcelain veneers for small and misshapen teeth.

What Causes Small or Misshapen Teeth?

Some of the more common causes of small or misshapen teeth include:

  • Genetics: Tooth size is a genetically inherited trait, although habits and our environment can further wear down enamel.
  • Bruxism: Teeth grinding is more common at night. The chronic clenching and grinding that occurs can eventually wear down the teeth and make them look smaller.
  • Gapped teeth: Even healthy teeth can appear misshapen when gaps are prominent.
  • Dental alignment: Crooked or asymmetrical teeth can cause the teeth to appear small or misshapen.
  • Excess gum tissue: Individuals with gummy smiles can appear to have small teeth. Gum contouring, a procedure that removes a small amount of gum tissue near the teeth, is one treatment option for overlapping gums. Veneers can also be placed to extend the length of the teeth.
  • Hormonal changes: Any medication, condition, or syndrome that affects normal hormonal levels, especially during adolescence, can impair proper tooth development. 
  • Trauma: Chipped or cracked teeth are common causes of misshapen teeth.

How Veneers Augment Small or Misshapen Teeth

Placing a porcelain veneer over a small or misshapen tooth effectively hides your tooth behind a custom porcelain prosthetic. The veneer hides flaws while seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural teeth. Whether seen close up or in bright lighting, no one will be able to tell that you have veneers.

Some patients may qualify for “no prep” or “limited prep” veneers. For this procedure, one of our doctors will make only minor changes to the teeth, and anesthetic is rarely needed. Full prep veneers require more removal of natural tooth enamel to achieve the most natural and beautiful results.

Veneers are made for individual teeth, so we can help you determine if addressing an individual tooth or a row of teeth will best help you achieve your cosmetic goals. We will design your veneer or veneers to extend the length or width of your small or misshapen tooth or teeth.

Am I a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

We will examine your teeth, gums, and medical history to see if you are a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Candidates should be in good oral health and not have cavities or fillings that compromise the strength of the teeth. If you have small, misshapen, discolored, or damaged teeth, porcelain veneers may be right for you.

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a beautiful smile. Millions of adults have small or misshapen teeth. Fortunately, porcelain veneers offer an effective and minimally invasive solution.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers as a cosmetic treatment for small or misshapen teeth, contact our office online today or call (512) 458-6222.

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