How to Care For Your Dental Implants

Drs. Mike Meek and David Tasch work with trusted local specialists to provide detailed pre- and post-operative instructions for your dental implant treatment. By instructing you on how to care for your dental implants, our team can help increase your chances of successful implant placement and enjoy their lifelong benefits. We work with oral surgeons and periodontists in Austin, TX, to minimize immediate and long-term risks associated with dental implants.

Prior to Surgery

Your current oral and overall health condition can greatly influence the success and survival of your implants. During your consultation, you should discuss preexisting health conditions and medications with our doctors to help them determine whether you are a good candidate. If you have gum disease, diabetes, or other conditions, our team can help you address your concerns to ensure the long-term survival of your implants. Caring for your overall health is the first step in ensuring a successful procedure.

Demonstration of how dental restorations fit on top of implants.
With proper care, a dental implant can last a lifetime. 

Immediately Following Surgery

Although most patients can return to work or their normal activities the day after surgery, it is important to avoid activities that may pull your incisions open. The oral surgeon may also recommend a soft foods diet for a few days to facilitate your recovery. Once your implants are fully healed, though, you should not have any food restrictions.

Whether you are considering dental implant treatment or are an existing implant patient who wants to ensure the long-term success of your implants, our team can help.

At home, you should practice gentle brushing techniques to avoid irritating the incision sites. Soreness and swelling can prevent proper brushing for the first few days, but this discomfort should fade and allow you to resume normal brushing techniques. Although initial bleeding from your incision sites is normal, excessive or severe bleeding is not. If bleeding remains uncontrolled even after applying ice and biting down on a gauze on the treatment area, you should consult with one of our doctors immediately.

It is important that you do not smoke during your recovery. Smoking significantly slows down healing and can trigger dry socket, a condition that causes discomfort and can increasing the risk of implant failure.

Long-Term Care

Approximately four to six months after surgery, your dental implants will have successfully osseointegrated with your jawbone and should be ready for a permanent restoration. After we place the crown, bridge, or denture, patients should take care of their implants the way they would their natural teeth, brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

We also recommend regular visits to our office. During a biannual examination, we will professionally clean your implants, assess the condition of your restoration, and check for oral health concerns, such as periodontal disease. While normal brushing helps maintain the health of your implants, our doctors use special instruments to access areas that are difficult to clean with toothbrushes or floss. Furthermore, early diagnosis and treatment of oral health problems can reduce your risk of infection and help lengthen the life of your new implants.

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Whether you are considering dental implant treatment or are an existing implant patient who wants to ensure a healthy recovery and long-term success of your implants, our team can help. During your consultation, we will discuss proper oral hygiene techniques and healthy habits to ensure you enjoy your implants for years to come. Schedule a consultation by calling (512) 458-6222 or contacting us online.

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Two fractured front teeth.
Label (1) This patient suffered significant damage to his front teeth during a rock climbing accident.
A smile restored with dental implants.
Label (2) Implant-supported crowns restored the function and appearance of his smile. 
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