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Dentistry has always been the goal. I was raised in Kingwood, Texas where my father and I spent a great deal of time woodworking and designing all types of projects. This philosophy of, "if you can dream it, we can build it," whet my appetite for a career that would allow me to solve problems, design, fabricate, and deliver a unique and beautiful product. Early on, I identified dentistry as the perfect combination of all these things. With this goal in mind, I headed to Trinity University, San Antonio, to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

After completing my undergraduate work at Trinity, I was accepted at all three Texas dental schools. I chose The University of Texas Heath Science Center Dental School, San Antonio. This dental school has been consistently ranked the number one dental education center in the United States. My four years flew by and my love affair with dentistry flourished.

Following graduation from dental school in 1997, Dr. Tasch and I opened our restorative practice here in Austin. Quality, not quantity has always been our goal.

In 2006, I married Sherri. I met her within a few weeks of moving to Austin in 1997 and she had been my full time honey since that time. We have been living with our dogs in NW Austin since then and love our canine children more than anything!

I recently completed the requirements for Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry and received the award in Philadelphia. Attaining Fellowship is a rigorous process that requires five years of membership in the AGD, over 500 hours of continuing education, and passing a certification exam.

Outside dentistry, I enjoy a wide variety of interests. I still fabricate wood projects in my shop, and I spend several days each week training my Labrador Retrievers, Zoe and Boo, and and their new tiny brother, Kirby (Teacup Yorkie) provides endless hours of comic relief. Sherri and I are into scuba diving and underwater photography which fill our vacations with fun and adventure.

Dentistry has always been the goal. I invite you to come and share my enthusiasm about all the great techniques at our disposal to reconstruct a healthy, drop dead gorgeous smile!

Best Regards,
Mike Meek, DDS

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Dr. Meek Austin Dentist
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Dr. Meek's Continuing Education Blog

Bringing you the latest from my dental education endeavours!

Not Implants, but a nice case nonetheless!

Four Front Teeth Makeover!

A few years back a young lady presented to my office with an incomplete orthodontics case and I referred her to Dr. Randy Kunik to complete her care. Several Invisalign trays later, she had a straight set of choppers and a nice smile, but her front teeth were a little high in miles and needed a makeover to cover the stained bonding and fillings. We recently completed that case and I am happy to share the before and after photos. The ceramic work was eMax by Michangelo Studio in California. I really appreciate their attention to detail and quality!





Nobel Biocare and Dr. Melanie Robinson

Dr. Melanie Robinson, a long time referral of 38th Street Dental, is a fabulous periodontist here in Central Austin. I have enjoyed working with Melanie about eight years now and was so glad to receive an invitation to her implant meeting last Thursday night. Sponsored by Nobel Biocare, Dr. Robinson hosted an event with five mini meetings in her office. Each of the meetings dealt with some area of implant dentistry and it gave our small groups of 5-6 practioners an opportunity to talk about what works in our hands and tips and tricks that help with some of the challenges we face when working with implant dentistry. The two hour workshop was a nice way to end the week and to get to talk about my favorite type of dentistry…dental implants!

Thanks Melanie!!!!!!

Modern Implant Dentistry with Nobel Biocare

With a lull in summer dog training due to the now etreme temperatures, it made sense to accept the invitation from Nobel Biocare to spend a morning listening to a practioner from Chicage talk about his applicaiton of Nobel Biocare implants. It was a lovely event hosted at the Westwood Country Club here in Central Austin. It was also nice to see that the techniques and procedures taught at this class are pretty much what Dr. Tasch and I are already doing here at 38th Street Dental with the Nobel system.

Implant dentistry has become part and parcel of our everday practice. In fact, I would much prefer to restore badly damaged teeth with the modality of extraction and dental implant over the historically conventional restoration of root canal therapy and crown. Not always, but in more and more cases, this is really a more cost effective and reliable means for rehabilitation. So, if you are checking up on me by following this blog and have a missing tooth, please come on in and talk with me about a better long term solution to a missing tooth!

Nobel Replace Platform Shift NP

Zimmer Dental Traebecular Metal Implant

Zimmer Dental is another one of the implant companies that Dr. Tasch and I work with on occaision. We spent the afternoon yesterday hosted by Zimmer Dental so that we could learn more about a new line of dental implants that thier company is offering. Called the Traebecular Metal Implnat, it is remarkable in that we can place a final restoration as soon as four weeks after placement. This is 3-6 months less healing time than with standard titantium implants and offers a choice for patients that want an acclerated case result. Just one more tool in the tool kit for me, the restorative dentist and another example of how the art and science of implant dentistry is changing. Below is a video by Zimmer Dental showing off thier cool new implant!

Bicon Trinia Overdenture-A First in the U.S.!

I have been working closely with Bicon in Boston for over a year now and have enjoyed deploying their product line on a range of dental implant cases. Most have been the usual one or two teeth cases which at this point are all but a usual day at the office, but there have been a handful of exceptional cases relating to the challenges faced by patients that have undergone radiation treatments for head and neck cancer. Recently, I completed one such case using the Trinia composite product from Bicon. Trinia is a metal substitute and I had the pleasure of delivering the first, yes, first Trinia fabricated implant supported overdenture in the United States. Pretty exciting stuff espeically since the patient loves her twon new sets of teeth. So, here's the case…The pictures below show a totally implant supported Trinia bridge in the upper arch. It is not removeable and does not rest on the patient's tissues. She does not remove it at night and she can eat anything, yes, anything she wants with it! In her lower arch, there are two implants with the little gold snap fixtures, called Locators, that allow her lower Trinia Overdenture to snap in and be secure on her lower jaw bone. So far, very few sore spots in this oral cavity that is so friable and tender that sometimes, just looking at her tissues can cause a sore spot.

This is a very special case and we achieved a very special outcome for the patient. I think that we will be finding opportuntity to do many more cases like this in the future as this product represents a significant improvement over the solution offered by the All on Four procedure seen advertised all over the television and print media. It was a privelage to get to deliver the first Trinia Overdentrue in the U.S.!

Bicon-Dental-Implant 2
Bicon-Dental-Implant 1
Bicon-Dental-Implant 7
Bicon-Dental-Implant 5
Bicon-Dental-Implant 6